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Junior board member duties

As a junior board member at the Endpin project, one will work alongside the senior board and partner with the cofounders. They will mentor you through some of the following duties and responsibilities that you may be expected to fulfill:

  1. Support and promote the mission of the organization: As a junior board member, you will be expected to support the overall mission of the Endpin Project and promote the organization to others. This may involve speaking at events, writing articles, or sharing information on social media.

  2. Attend board meetings: Junior board members are expected to attend regular board meetings, where they can provide input and ideas on the direction of the organization.

  3. Assist with fundraising efforts: Junior board members may be called upon to assist with fundraising efforts, such as organizing events, reaching out to donors, and implementing fundraising campaigns.

  4. Participate in outreach and community-building initiatives: As a junior board member, you may be asked to participate in outreach and community-building initiatives, such as organizing concerts and workshops or speaking to local schools and community groups about the benefits of music, cello and the impact it has on the community.

  5. Offer administrative support: Junior board members may be asked to assist with administrative tasks, such as managing the organization's website and social media accounts, creating and distributing marketing materials, and keeping track of expenses.

  6. Represent the organization: Junior board members may be asked to represent the organization at events and meetings, both internally and with external stakeholders.

It's important to note that the duties and responsibilities of a junior board member will vary depending on the specific needs and goals. However, in all cases, the role of a junior board member is to support the overall mission and goals of the Endpin Project and help to build a stronger, more vibrant community.

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